The year is 2121, the enormous technology rush has had a major impact on the world and the robots are taking over. The inevitable war between man and machine is occupying the city and you have to choose sides. Welcome to NanoClash, our newest location based virtual reality entertainment game.

A new virtual experience

In NanoClash, you play with or against your friends to fight it out in an epic shootout. The game supports up to 16 players and is one of the first LBE games that uses two different playing fields that overlap in the virtual world creating a new kind of experience. By overlapping 2 fields we managed to create a “shared” zone with a planted bomb. The Rebels have to defend the bomb while the Robots’ aim is to disarm it.

NanoClash was launched on the 28th of June at The Park Playground in Antwerp and is currently available in their arcades in Ghent, Antwerp and Hasselt.

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