Junior game developer


As a junior game developer you will perform game and tools development tasks on several projects. This includes several of our own games based on the Unity & Unreal platforms, as well as other enterprise projects utilizing game dev technology. You are expected to work on the design, prototyping, development and testing of production code as well as tools and scripts. This will mostly entail development in C#, with additional work in C++, Objective-C, PHP, Javascript and/or Python.


  • Bachelor or master’s degree in game development, computer sciences or similar.
  • +1 year of industry experience.
  • Strong programming knowledge, including C# and/or C++.
  • Solid understanding of algorithms, physics and math.
  • Experience with Unity.
  • Good understanding of OO programming, UML, Software Design and patterns.
  • Proficient in English.


  • +1 year of industry experience.
  • Uber-positive attitude and desire to see those around you succeed and grow.
  • Understand the time, care, and iteration required to create finely crafted games.
  • Ability to receive feedback and critique with humility, modesty, and respect.
  • Ability to write comprehensible code and follow coding standards.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Experience with VR development.
  • Experience with mobile development (iOS and Android).
  • Experience with multiplayer and networking code.
  • Experience with back-end development (mySQL, PHP and/or Facebook API).
  • Experience using SCRUM and Agile development methods and tools.

Our offer

  • Wage according to scale PC 227 and experience
  • Meal vouchers of 8 EUR/day worked
  • Eco vouchers of EUR 100 per year
  • Hospitalization insurance
  • Outpatient medical expenses insurance
  • Reimbursement for public transport or kilometer allowance if you come by car (one way) or bicycle (two way)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible remote / office work
  • Work from home allowance
  • Double vacation money
  • End of year premium
  • Yearly sector bonus
  • Option for annual flu vaccination
  • Monthly team updates
  • Fun teambuildings
  • You will become part of a steadily growing team
  • A working environment where everyone can be who they are

Apply now!

Please send all your applications to work@triangle-factory.be
Be sure to include résume, portfolio, examples, 3D renders, tech demo’s, code samples, work experience, …