Triangle Factory Privacy policy

Last update: 27/04/2022

Triangle Factory Bvba, also referred to as “Triangle Factory”, collects, stores, and uses your personal information in order to provide services and develop products, software, mobile applications and websites (together “Services”) according to this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”).

These products, software, mobile applications and websites or “Services” are managed by Triangle Factory bvba, a private limited company headquartered at Dublinstraat 35/007 , 9000 Ghent, Belgium. For all questions and comments regarding the Services or this communication, please contact the above address or our legal service department, via the following e-mail address:

1.  About the privacy policy

1.1  Why should I read this privacy policy?

It is important to Triangle Factory that you are able to use its Services anytime, anywhere, to play, watch, listen to, read or experience Triangle Factory content. Triangle Factory also wants to work on interactive and customized services. In order to do so, we would like to collect and use certain personal data. Triangle Factory believes it is important to protect your privacy and personal data. Therefore, we would like to use a number of questions in this privacy policy to be as transparent as possible with you in explaining which of your personal data we can collect when you use our Services, why we want to collect this data, how we will use it, and how we will handle the data collected. We have tried to keep this policy as simple as possible, and we advise you to take the time to read it thoroughly.

1.2  What does this privacy policy apply to?

This privacy policy applies to all of Triangle Factory’s products, services, mobile applications, software applications and websites, together reffered to as “Services”).

1.3  Who is responsible for this privacy policy?

Triangle Factory bvba a private limited liability company headquartered at Dublinstraat 35/007 , 9000 Ghent, Belgium. Please send any questions or concerns to the aforementioned address or to our legal service department, via the following e-mail address:

1.4  Should I read other conditions, as well?

We advise you to read the cookie policy carefully, as well. It states which cookies are used in the context of our services and to what end.

1.5  Can the conditions change?

Triangle Factory can change the privacy or cookie policy at any time, for example, in the context of changes in Triangle Factory Services or applicable regulations. The adapted conditions shall be announced at the relevant Triangle Factory departments and shall apply from the moment they are announced. If there are significant changes, we will notify you personally when possible, and request your permission as needed.

2.  Personal data that we collect in the context of the Services

2.1  Why does Triangle Factory collect your personal data?

The Triangle Factory collects personal data in order to provide to improve our products and provide better services to its users. In the context of Services, we can use personal data to offer the opportunity to participate in contests, to synchronize your avatar, or to improve the application, website or game.

2.2  How does the Triangle Factory collect your personal data?

2.2.1  Personal data that you share with us by registering, creating an account, profile or avatar with one of our Services.

When you make use of our Services it is possible that you create an account, profile, avatar or user. When you choose to do so, we may sometimes ask you to provide certain personal data, such as your e-mail address, name, date of birth, sex and/or postal code. After registration, we can also request additional information that can help us provide more customized services.

2.2.2  Personal data that we collect based on your use of our Services

Regardless of whether you create an account, profile, avatar or user in order to make use of our Services, we collect data about the use of the application / software / game / website. This may include, but is not limited to, information regarding the length and frequency of use, crash reports, popular items and features, your achievements, … In this way, we can improve the performance of our Services, adapt it based on your requirements and interests, and better understand how our Services are being used.

More specifically, this includes:

  • Device data, such as the IP address, brand, type, operating system, hardware information, screen resolution, and so forth. To the extent that it is useful to the provision of the relevant service, we can also get a rough indication of your location.
  • In-app user data: Such as username, secure access token, Triangle Factory ID, Facebook ID, push notification ID, XP, Coins, character items and clothing, latest contest, timestamps, quiz performance…

In doing so, our Services makes use of standard identifiers for mobile devices, identifier for advertisers on iPhones and other comparable technologies, among other things. For more information, you can consult the Triangle Factory’s cookie policy.

2.2.3  Personal data that we receive from third parties

If you log into our Services using a social media account or make use of the social networking functions present in the game, you grant permission for the social networking site to share certain, clearly identified personal data with us.

Usually, this includes the basic data associated with your profile on the social networking site (name, e-mail address, date of birth, postal code, and sex). Furthermore, it can also include certain data related to your behavior on the social networking site, such as likes, for example. This can only include data that you have shared publicly on the social networking site, and only to the extent to which your personal settings on the social networking site allow. If you do not wish such information to be shared, we advise you to adjust your settings on the relevant social networking site.

Furthermore, we can add to the data we collect, using information from other reliable sources, including both online and offline data providers. Triangle Factory shall only do so insofar as this data was collected by the third party legally and insofar as it can be shared with us legally. If necessary, Triangle Factory will also request your explicit permission to use this data.

2.2.4  Anonymous data that we receive from third parties

In order to analyze our Services and improve our products, we make use of analytics tools and third parties, who help us get a better idea of the use of our Services.

These third parties may collect other anonymous information, using applications that you’ve already installed, mobile websites you’ve visited, etc.

This information, however, is always made anonymous, so that neither Triangle Factory nor the provider / third party has access to your identifying data.

Here is an overview of the providers that are currently used in some of our services:

These third parties often make use of standard identifiers for mobile devices and identifier for advertisers on iPhones. You can opt-out or opt to deactivate this tracking on your mobile device by completing the following steps.

Android (standard identifiers for mobile devices):

  1. Go to the Google settings in one of these places (depending on your device):
  1. A separate app called Google Settings.
  2. Scroll down in your main settings app and tap on Google.
  3. Tap on Advertisements.
  4. Deactivate interest-based advertisements.

iOS: (identifier for advertisers on iPhones)

  1. On your device, go to the settings app.
  2. Under “Privacy,” you will see more information about your choices regarding the use of this ID.
2.2.5  Other sources

Our Services are a dynamic and innovative operating environment, which also means that we are constantly looking for ways to serve you better and meet your personal needs. This can also mean that new applications are added that cause us to collect your data differently and/or want to use it differently. We will always communicate about this as transparently as possible in this privacy policy.

3.  What do we use the personal data we’ve collected for?

3.1  To make the Services available to you

In general, we use personal data for the provision and maintenance of our services. That way, for example, we can notify you when there are changes to or planned maintenance of our Services, or we can process your feedback on our Services properly.

3.2  To recognize you as a user

When you use a profile or account to log in to our services, we apply technology that recognizes you as a registered user and immediately grants access to the relevant service. This means that you don’t need to provide your log-in information every time you visit the relevant Triangle Factory online service(s) or wish to take part in interactive features of our Services, like contests, for example.

3.3  To analyze and improve Triangle Factory services

We use personal data to understand which Service features and items you use. If we know what you, as a user, use, we can give our developers the feedback they need to improve our offering and make it more relevant. As part of that, we may also invite you to take part in a survey. In this way, we can continually improve our Services and develop new products and services, to make our offering as relevant as possible for our users and keep it that way.

3.4  To personalize Triangle Factory online services and advertisements

Triangle Factory strives to make its Services as relevant as possible for every user. By using data that shows what a user is likely interested in, Triangle Factory can work towards more personalized service provision. That way, Triangle Factory could, for example, recommend content that matches your profile.

In addition, more personalized and relevant advertisements can be shown on Triangle Factory Services. If, for example, we think that you are interested in certain games or products, you’ll notice that we show you advertisements for such products from time to time. The profits Triangle Factory generates from these advertisements will always be reinvested in Triangle Factory services and Triangle Factory content.

Triangle Factory calls on the services of third parties for advertisements on its Services on mobile devices. Triangle Factory tries it’s best to evaluate and make sure that these third parties use high standard concerning privacy protection and are compliant with necessary regulatory privacy laws in the EU and US including GDPR compliance.

Here is an overview of which advertisement partners Triangle Factory uses in some of their mobile products and services:

Triangle Factory cedes control over the use of your data for these advertising purposes. These third parties make use of standard identifiers for mobile devices and identifier for advertisers on iPhones. If you do not wish for your data to be used for these purposes, you can always adjust your preferences by opting-out or deactivating this tracking on your mobile device.

If you adjust these settings, you will still see or hear advertisements in mobile products and services offered by Triangle Factory. They may well be less relevant, as they will no longer be personalized based on your presumed interests.

3.5  To stay apprised of the Triangle Factory’s product and service offering

Triangle Factory can use contact details and other data collected to inform you of news, upcoming activities or events, promotions, new services, and so forth. We will only do this if you have granted permission for us to do so. You can also let the Triangle Factory know if you no longer wish for Triangle Factory to contact you about such things. To do so, you can use the “unsubscribe” link that you see at the bottom of all of our electronic communications.

3.6  To prevent and detect abuse or fraud

We can also use data to prevent, detect and investigate illegal or suspected illegal activity, such as fraud (for example, with payment methods), and adherence to our general conditions of use, in the interests of both the Triangle Factory and our users.

4.  Will your data be passed on to third parties?

Unless you have given your consent for us to do so or we are legally obligated to do so, we shall not share, sell, etc. your data to third parties. In the context of some services, we will only share certain, limited data with a third party, for prize purposes, to the extent that you explicitly grant your permission for us to do so.

In certain circumstances, certain third parties will gain access to the data collected about you:

4.1  Triangle Factory suppliers

In order to deliver your Triangle Factory services, we call on a number of independent companies or service providers, for delivery of a number of infrastructure and IT services, carrying out payment transactions through our services, conducting surveys, etc. It is possible that such companies gain access to certain data and information, in the context of their work for Triangle Factory. Triangle Factory only allows this to extent that it is necessary in carrying out their work and the companies provide the necessary assurances regarding access and potential use of this data and information.

4.2  Social media

Certain Triangle Factory online services integrate social media “buttons,” from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These buttons allow you to share information on these platforms. The buttons are provided and managed by the social media sites. Triangle Factory has no control over the how these companies use these buttons. We advise you to read these social networks’ user conditions and privacy policies. This privacy policy only applies to use of the data collected by Triangle Factory.

4.3  Authorities

In certain circumstances, we will be required to share your data with the authorities. We may, for example, do so in order to satisfy the law or a court order, to detect and address fraud, or to protect Triangle Factory’s rights.

4.4  Aggregated or anonymous information

Triangle Factory can share certain aggregated or anonymous data with third parties. The Triangle Factory will conduct careful monitoring, to ensure that these companies and/or the Triangle Factory cannot identify you directly or indirectly in any way.

The Triangle Factory uses various analytics platforms to analyze the use of its Services. This may involve information regarding crash reports, retention, popular items and features, performance, hardware statistics…

5.  How can you manage your data and delete it, if desired?

You can consult the personal data that Triangle Factory has about you at any time, and correct or delete any incomplete or incorrect information. Sometimes this can be done from within the Service or product that Triangle Factory provides. If that is not the case, you can contact Triangle Factory by making use of the contact information found in the answer to Question 1.3, above. If you exercise your right to do so, we ask that you be as specific as possible, so that we can address your request thoroughly and appropriately. We also remind you that we must be able to reasonably verify your identity in order for you to exercise your rights, so that we can prevent someone else doing so in your name.

6.  How is your data secured?

It is important to Triangle Factory that your data be handled securely. Therefore, we make use of various security technologies and measures, to suitably protect your data against unauthorized access, use, loss or publication. Unfortunately, the exchange of information over the Internet is never 100% secure. Although we do our best to guarantee that your data remains secure, we cannot guarantee this absolutely.

7.  Update of this privacy statement

The Triangle Factory will adjust this privacy statement in some cases, based on changes in services, feedback from customers or alterations to privacy law.